"Trust Him, Praise Him and Watch Him Work It Out!"

Step of Faith Worship Center

Do you know Jesus?

If you have never accepted

Jesus Christ as your Savior,

or do not know what it means to

"accept Him into your heart", then please

read the following simple steps to salvation:

  • First: Admit your need
  • ("I am a sinner. I have done wrong things in my life. I haven't been perfect Lord")
  • Second: Repent. 
  • Be willing to turn away from your sins/wrong-doing.
  • Third: Believe that Jesus died for you on the cross and has risen form the grave.
  • Fourth: Through prayer, ask Jesus Christ to come in and control your life (invite Him into your heart).
  • Finally: Receive Him as Savior and Lord. It's that simple. God loves you!

​If you have followed these 5 simple steps just now,

then God's Word (the Bible) says that you are saved! Romans 10:8-10

If you have accepted Christ today, through His Word noted above,

we would love to see and hear from you! Please consider joining

us during our Sunday gathering and completing the form below.